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Full text of "Graduating exercises of the Thirtieth session (1924)"

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in 2010 with funding from 

Tyndale University College and Seminary 

of the 

®I|trttetI] ^^S0tan 

33elb in ti\e 

palmer ^aab ^apttst OII|urcf| 


"All Hail tKe PoxCer of Jesus' Name" 

All kail tKe power of Jesus' name! 

Let angels prostrate fall; 
Bring fortK the royal diadem 

To crown Him Lord of all! 

Sinners, wnose lo'Oe can ne'er forget 
TKe wormwood and tKe gall, 

Go, spread your tropKies at His feet. 
And crovJn Him Lord of all. 

Let every tribe and every tongue. 

Responsive to tKe call, 
Lift KigK tKe universal song, 

And crown Him Lord of all ! 

O tKat witK yonder sacred tKrong, 

We at His feet ma]? fall. 
Join in tKe everlasting song, 

And crown Him Lord of all I 

"Help me, O Lord" 

Help me, O Lord, tKe God of my salvation! 
I Kave no Kope, no refuge out in TKee; 
Help me to make tKis perfect consecration, 
In life or deatK TKine evermore to be. 

Help me, O Lord, to keep my pledge unbroken! 
Guard TKou my ways, my tKougKts, my tongue, my Keart; 
Help me to trust tKe word wKicK TKou Kast spoken, 
TKat from TKy patKs my feet may ne'er depart. 

Help me, O Lord! My strengtK is only weakness; 
TKine, TKine tKe power by \OKicK alone I live; 
Help me eacK day to bear tKe cross witK meekness. 
Till TKou at last tKe promised crown sKalt give. 


Chairman - - - Rev. R. P. Mackay, D.D. 

Hymn - - "All Kail the power of Jesus' name" 

Reading of Scripture and Prayer - Rev. William E. Atkinson 

Principal's Statement - - Rev. John McMicol, B.D. 

Chorus . . . - . Graduating Class 

Addresses - - Members of the Graduating Class 

"All things xiPorking together for good" - Miss Florence Luton 
"What it means to be a Christian" - Mr. Arthur Leggett 
"The sufficiency of Christ" - - Miss OliA^e Atkinson 

Male Quartette - Messrs. Veary, McLean, Berg, Brown 

Valedictory) .... Mr. Milbert Smith 

Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates. 

Prayer of Dedication - - Rev. D. McTavish, D.Sc. 

Hymn - - Help me, O Lord, the God of my salvation 


GraAttatatT Students vJho have completed the svork of two jiears in the Day Classes and 

raaUateS. receive the College Diploma. 

Winnifred Mary Adams Toronto 

vWaldemar Cornelius Berg, C.E Brooklyn, New York 

Chester Carroll Boyter Little Current, Ont. 

George Albert Brown Covington, Kentucky 

Frances Margaret Bryans Chatsworth, Ont. 

Edna Jean Buchner Hespeler, Ont. 

Frances Cecil-Smith Kweichow, China 

Alma Margaret Crowhurst Humber Bay, Ont. 

Harold Kilborn Dancy Swansea, Ont. 

Albert Eikenaar Toronto 

Queenie Ivy Fiddament Burlington, Ont. 

Grace Etoile Futcher Talbotville, Ont. 

Vernon White Gibson Willowdale, Ont. 

Mary Caroline Gomme Almonte, Ont. 

Marie Clara Heipel Waterloo. Ont. 

Edith Emily Howtell Owen Sound, Ont. 

Laura Irene Ivory Brechin, Ont. 

Alberta Jennings Todmorden, Ont. 

Mary Elizabeth Kirby Angus, Ont. 

Joseph Alexander Koffend Toronto 

Thomas Lindores St. Thomas, Ont. 

Dorothea Ysobel Luton Toronto 

Florence Irene Luton Toronto 

Nora Kathleen Martin Verdun, Que. 

William McLean Winona, Ont. 

George William Medley '. Tillsonburg, Ont. 

Vina Maud Mounce Toronto 

Katharine Blanche Oliver Toronto 

Dorothy Muriel Patrick St. Thomas, Ont. 

George Capel Reeve Gait, Ont. 

Annie Shaw Montreal, Que. 

Lavina Schierholtz Kitchener, Ont. 

Wilburn Wentworth Silverthom Woodford, Ont. 

Harold Tapscott Smith London, Ont. 

Elvin Valorus Snyder ! , Breslau, Ont. 

William Charles Tiffin London, Ont. 

Esther Trout Stratford, Ont. 

Willemyu Vanderwell : Kitchener, Ont. 

Janet Vincer Mindemoya, Ont. 

William Henry Vincer Mindemoya, Ont. 

Hazel Blanche Walling Haliburton, Ont. 

Thomas Dayman Walter Woodford, Ont. 

Ethel May Watson Angus, Ont. 

Edna Bowman Weber Toronto 

Pearl Agnes Wilson Elmwood, Ont. 

0,^-4. t~'^^A-.,^4-^^ Students -who have completed a third year of further study and are 
fOSt-UradUateS. given Post-Graduate standing. 

Myrtle Irene Atkinson Toronto Molly Kreick Denzil, Saskatchewan 

Mary Olive Atkinson Toronto Marjorie Irene Laskey London, Ont. 

Violet Barnes Hamilton, Ont. Arthur Leggett . . . Glanford Station, Ont. 

Margaret Ritchie Bell Montreal, Que. Bemice Miller West Lome, Ont. 

Lillian Benner Burlington, Ont. Marj' Kathleen Moynan Toronto 

Harold Edward Buchner . . Hespeler, Ont. Robert Moynan Toronto 

Annis Carr Toronto Edith Gertrude Muirhead, Jamaica, B.W.I. 

Jas. Archibald Crewson, Grand Valley, Ont. George Ernest Page Toronto 

Lydia Louise Dankert . . . .Kitchener, Ont. Elizabeth Jane Sleeth, Jordan Station, Ont. 

Sophie Rose Davis London, Ont. Lewis Milbert Smith. St. Catharines, Ont. 

Hilda Duckworth Toronto Hazel Zelpha Steele, A.T.C.M. . .Toronto 

Lillian Foumie Sombra, Ont. Violet Thamer Kitchener, Ont. 

Etliel Marion Gardner Toronto Clara Umbach Kitchener, Ont. 

James King Holland Toronto Victor Edward Veary Toronto 

Esther Louise Jarvis Toronto Florence Mary Walker Simcoe, Ont. 

Daisy Muriel Kingdon . .Jamaica, B.W.I. Elsie May Wood Toronto 

C^-4.:C -.^t.^^ Students who have completed three years' work in the Evening Classes and 
ertljlCateS. receive Certificates. 

Evaline Campbell Alice Maud Jeffrey Dora Margaretta Parsons 

Bertha Collins Charles Alexander McCarroll Walter Leslie Rice 

Edward Oscar Daniel! May Rutherford McClure Joseph Edward Taylor 

Inez Emptage Mary Hannah McCuUough Herbert Edward Tyndall 

Annie Good Sarah Jane McCuUough Gertrude Wallis 

Frederick Edward Harrison Grace Elizabeth Munro Louisa Wallis 
Hamilton James Jackman David Paul Palmer